Everyone is Talking about EMV

Everybody is Talking about
Europay, Master Card and Visa

There is an Upgrade in our FUTURE.  Sometimes it is as simple as upgrading some software and other times the change is dramatic.  This time the way we transact business is being changed to help protect against fraud.  Over 1 Billion EMV credit cards are already in circulation. These cards are equipped with smart chips.  The technology will also be available in watches, phones and fobs.

The new terminals contain an incredibly robust system with 20 times the encryption capability to accept this more secure form of payment.  These machines are already available.  They have been in use in Europe and Canada for some time.  ALL US merchants will need to upgrade their equipment before October 1, 2015 when there will be a shift in liability to the merchant from the card issuer.  MERCHANTS NOT USING COMPLIANT EMV POINT OF SALE SOLUTIONS WILL BE LIABLE FOR DOMESTIC AND CROSS BORDER COUNTERFEIT CREDIT CARD FRAUD!   You definitely need to upgrade before that date!

We have an assortment of EMV terminals available when you want to make the switch… we can help. Ask about our Special Pricing!  Have you considered going digital and saving the expense of a phone line?  These terminals have dual capacity, phone line or internet capable!.  Call me to discuss how this new technology will affect your business!