Gift Cards Mean Business

Everything YOU need for just $99.00*!
Limited time savings from our regular $189 Starter package of 100 cards!
Retriever provides our merchants with an easy way to offer Gift Cards to their customers. Some important facts about Gift Cards that you may not be aware of.

Gift Cards are MOST requested Gift item!

  • Average customer spends approximately $80 on gift cards.
  • Gift cards outsell paper gift certificates 4 to 1.
  • 54% of gift card users make more than one trip to the retailer to use up the card’s value.
  • Retailers switching from paper gift certificates to magnetic stripe prepaid cards realize a year over year sales jump of 15% to 46% on prepaid cards

What does that mean for you?

  • Immediate cash flow!
  • Repeat Business
  • Your store name in their wallet

Easy and Cost Effective Marketing!
A properly managed gift program is the most cost effective Advertising Campaign to retain repeat business from new and existing customers.

  • You can work with fellow merchants to cross sell with one another…
    Receive a $10 Gift Card with purchase at the Hair Salon for YOUR Spa down the street.
  • Donate Gift Cards for Charity Auction and Fund Raisers. Gets you nearly FREE publicity.
  • Do an Every Door Mailing in your Target Market area of a Gift Card of undisclosed value. Sending out 500 of these with a small amount and just ONE with $100 draws people in to see what they WON. People will visit your establishment.

*This includes the display rack, 100 cards and everything YOU will need to hit the ground running this holiday season.

Creating your program is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose your cards which will include your logo, your address from over 60 different options.
  2. Approve your proof!
  3. Start selling!

Call TODAY so we can get your cards to you in plenty of time for the Holiday Season!