June Newsletter Cash is King? Do you need some Capital?

Need Money For Your Business?

Retriever offers an often overlooked source of short-term financing. Generate the working capital you need to improve your business without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long-term credit card interest. Instead, your company may qualify for a cash advance of $5,000 to $1,000,000 by leveraging an asset you probably haven’t thought of – your future credit and debit card receivables.*

Easy Access To Business Capital
With this fast and easy application process, qualified merchants typically receive funds in ten days or less! Use them to expand, renovate, advertise, purchase inventory – just about anything! And, there’s no fixed repayment schedule. So, in better months when receipts are high, your advance gets paid back faster; in slower months, when receipts are lower, your advance gets paid off more slowly. It’s that simple!

To qualify, you need a history of processing credit cards at your business for at least 60 days and at least $5,000 a month in credit card sales. Call me to see if this is a fit for your business!

Continuing Education
Retriever offers presentations for your chambers, networking groups and even can do state authorized CPE classes for CPAs. Contact me if you need a speaker!

Have dinner out on US!
Refer a friend who opens an account and we will give you a $50 Restaurant Gift Card to enjoy with you family. I appreciate your confidence in me and just want to say thanks!

Your Retriever Team