May Newsletter… Don’t Be Fooled

New EMV Terminals… Upgrade SOON?

You may or may not have heard but Euro Pay, Master Card, Visa (EMV) terminals will be required by the Payment Card Industry to enable merchants to handle the new chip enabled cards. This will be mandatory for all merchants by October 2015. This is a good thing because of the dramatic reduction in fraud these chip reading machines have produced in Europe and Canada. We at Retriever have them and are offering them to all merchants signing up with us now.

Some of our existing merchants have been approached by other companies who are stating their existing terminals are not compliant. Don’t be TRICKED into buying something. We have heard nightmare sagas of astronomical charges for “Compliant” equipment. Please know we have these machines available for reasonable rates if you wish to purchase one but you are NOT required to do so until October 2015. We are here to help you when you are ready. Call or email me for more information.

Continuing Education
Retriever offers presentations for your chambers, networking groups and even can do State Authorized CPE classes for CPAs. Contact me if you need a speaker!

Have dinner out on US!
Refer a friend who opens an account and I will give you a $50 Restaurant Gift Card to enjoy with your family. I really appreciate your confidence in us and I just want to say thanks!

Retriever Team