MyNPCData an incredible Complement to Your Account With Retriever!

Are you using this awesome tool?
Retriever offers our merchants an easy way to get all the info you could ever want about your processing at the touch of a mouse! Here is how to log in for first time users.

Go to

Step 1. Enter Merchant ID number under username.

Step 2. Enter Password which will be Tax ID or for Sole Proprietorship enter Social Security Number

Step 3 Change password (must be eight characters including one number and one capital)

Once open the Dashboard features include:

  • Daily Batches, Returns, Chargeback’s, Deposits and Statements
  • Search for specific cards
  • Access to PCI Compliance

Easy and NO Cost Access!
The best part of this incredible site is it is included in our great service. You have this tool FREE with your account with us. You will love how easy it is to get all the info you need… to do your PCI Compliance education and complete your Self Assessment Questionnaire. Please call me if I can help in any way!

Have dinner out on US!
Refer a friend who opens an account and I will give you a $50 Restaurant Gift Card to enjoy with your family. I really appreciate your confidence in me and I just want to say thanks!