Train your Staff to Check Receipts CAREFULLY!

The old saw about  “I have some good news and some bad news… which do you want first?” is alive and well in processing world.  PCI (Payment Card Industry) has made some changes that allow a transaction to complete for a partial amount instead of declining which was the way things happened in the past.  This is good news since more transactions will be approved.  THE BAD NEWS is if you are not looking carefully at the receipt and see that only a portion of the sale was approved you could be shortchanging your business in a big way.  Ticket for $764 might be approved for $622 leaving a balance of $142!

This is particularly important for those who use terminals and independently operated Virtual Point of Sale to process transactions!  Point of Sale systems that control inventory will show the remaining balance and ask for another form of payment as will online shopping carts.

Might I suggest that employees circle or check mark next to the amount so they are verifying that the total sale amount has been received.  Learning to look carefully at each receipt is a new important step in maintaining your profitability!