On the Go Merchants

Retriever can help you figure out solutions that will keep
your on the go business thriving

There are many options for credit card processing when you take your business on the road. The type of equipment you need depends on your volume. Retriever can help you figure out solutions that will keep your on the go business thriving.

For small businesses, such as vendors who do occasional trade shows

There are Basic Mobile Apps for iPhones and Androids that allow you to process Bank Card payments. These are perfect for merchants who do occasional business at events such as trade shows, craft shows, or farmer markets. The apps are PCI compliant, allow online reporting, and offer you the ability to email receipts to your customers.

For very active merchants with a high volume

For merchants that have a high volume, such as food trucks or kiosks, a wireless terminal is a good solution. These accurate and encrypted contactless terminals are easy to use and allow you to accept all cards and print receipts. Another good option are our enhanced mobile apps. These are apps that can be used on 99 different smart phones. They allow you to process all credit card types and come with a Dongle Swiper. These apps also help you manage inventory and even put custom messages on emailed receipts.

For stores and chains with large inventory, SKUs, and staff

A Simple Point of Sales system is a good option for businesses with a large inventory or a large staff. This includes an iPad software, receipt printer, Internet Connectivity, and charging cable. This system allows you to manage inventory, track employees logging in and out, email or print receipts, and track thousands of SKUs.

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