Our Process


You can easily lose time, money, and potential sales if you don’t get a quick response from your credit card processor. You never have to worry about that with Retriever. Because we have local offices in Memphis and Orlando, your representative is always nearby or just a quick phone call away.

When you first call Retriever, we like to learn more about your business and your goals. Our experts will figure out the best processing solutions to help increase your bottom line and save your staff valuable time. We will review with you all of the equipment that would be the right fit for your business.

You will fill out a credit application. Be prepared –because of the Patriot Act, full disclosure is required before an account can be opened. We then submit your application, and once it is approved, we set a time for installation.

Our representatives will bring the equipment to you and train you on how it works. Many companies just ship you the information and try to walk you through how it works over the phone. Can you imagine how frustrating that could get? We meet you face to face to make sure your business will run smoothly with your new equipment before we leave.

We Follow Up

If any problems arise after installation, we are happy to come back to your business. We also check in three months after installation to make sure everything is running smoothly. We review your account to make sure you are getting the most value out of your credit card processing. Many times we will find a simple procedural change that could save you hundreds of dollars!